The current version of the website went live on 1st June. The changes are mainly to the problems page, which has an improved user interface and some more hands to try.

Bridge Problems

This is my collection of interactive bridge play problems. The software doesn't do the cunning BridgeMaster trick of moving cards around, but I like it anyway, and I mean to add more deals from time to time. Go to Problems

Hand record annotator

This is an online tool for creating an annotated set of hand records, along the lines of a Sim Pairs commentary booklet, starting from a .PBN deal file. Go to it.


You can download various programs I've written. All of the programs are available under this freeware licence. Which says that you're welcome to use them for non-commercial purposes, with no charge. I don't promise that they work as you'd like them to, but I do promise that I've not knowingly included anything malicious.

Clicking on each link in this section will take you to a page with more information about the download.

TrueDeal: my dealing program. The current version is alpha 301. This is not yet a release version, but it does create sets of bridge deals in an interesting and highly secure way, has a quite friendly windows front end, and includes scripting functionality.

ddsxll: my bridge XLL. It adds sundry useful (to me) functions to Excel, including Double Dummy Solver.

CapsLock: a program to disable your Caps Lock key. I wrote this after listening to a renowned bridge writer complaining on BBO about his Caps Lock key ruining his lovingly crafted prose. You're welcome, David.

GetSet: a spreadsheet which sets up a head-to-head pairs match reusing deals from past Championships, cross-IMPing against the Championship field.

Contact me and buy me a drink

I'm Paul Barden: EBU biography, email. I welcome praise, bug reports, suggestions for improvements, and complaints. Except for the complaints.

If any of this software has brightened your life by a glimmer or two, you might want to return the favour by buying me a drink, using this Paypal.me link.

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