How to use this page

Use the button immediately above to load the .PBN file containing the deals you want to annotate. You should now see each hand displayed on the left side of the screen, with a text pane next to it. Type whatever commentary you want in the text pane.

For suit symbols, use !C, !D, !H, !S (lower case works too). These will be replaced with the appropriate symbols when you click outside the pane. You should be able to save your work to a file on your PC. However, not all browsers support this: I recommend Chrome or Firefox. Please check by saving and reloading before you do too much.


Save your work by right-clicking on the page and choosing "Save as". When you print, use Scale, Custom (under "More Settings") to make the pages fit: 62 works for me. You can Save As PDF using the Print dialog by changing the Destination.


Save your work by right-clicking on the page and choosing "Save page as". When you print, use a Scale, Custom to make the pages fit: 62 again works for me.

Internet Explorer

Disrecommended. When you save a web page, it saves the original not the edited version.


Disrecommended. It won't save web pages.


Not recommended. There's some 'Share' functionality for web pages which you might be able to make work, but really, why bother? And I'm told the suit-symbol replacement works only if you click into the text box immediately below. I'd need a stiff drink (see the front page) before I investigated this.

These instructions will disappear when you load a PBN file. Good luck!