Caps Lock

This is a simple program for download. The only thing it does is to change the function of your Caps Lock key. You have two options:

The program works by creating or editing the "ScanCode Map" in the Windows Registry. This is consulted by Windows at startup to remap the keyboard.

To be able to change the Registry, the program needs to run with Administrator rights. Put CapsLock.exe somewhere you choose, or leave it in your Downloads folder, right click on it, and select "Run as administrator" from the popup menu.

You can now select what you want to do with your Caps Lock key. The program will show you the ScanCode Map it intends to use, but you needn't look at it if you're not interested. Just click the "Apply"button, then "Exit" the program.

Changes you make will take effect when you restart your computer.

If you want the program, download it now. Or you can download it as a zip file if you prefer.