GetSet is a spreadsheet which creates a deal file for a head-to-head IMPs match between two pairs. It selects deals at random from past championship events, creates a PBN file containing the deals, and allows you to cross-IMP your head-to-head results against the championship field.

There are two versions.

Whichever you use, you fill in your own 'Event name' and date in the red cells in column B, together with the number of boards and the name of a PBN file to put the deals in. Then, press the "Get Deals" button and wait while the macro finds the requested number of boards for you. Next, press the "Save PBN" button to tell the spreadsheet to save the deals to file. Finally, all you have to do is convert the PBN file to the appropriate format for your dealing machine (TrueDeal will do it), deal and play the boards, and enter your results in the spreadsheet's "Scoring" tab.

Download GetSet

Download GetSetE

There's a variation on this, which gets a single match in the same way, rather than selecting random deals from random matches:

Download GetSetWhole