This site allows you to try playing hands from a collection of bridge problems. All the problems are at IMP scoring.

It was inspired by Hugh Kelsey's books Test Your Match Play, The Tough Game, The Needle Match, and Challenge Match, all now out of print but often available second-hand.

The collection is split into sets including a seletion of favourite hands chosen by Claire. You may choose hands from Claire's favourites, a particular set or play hands at random. If you choose random hands then you may see the same hand more than once. Over time the collection will grow making seeing the same hand less frequent. I may also eventually implement cookies to track which hands you've played.

I've given a source for each hand I've used, with a hyperlink if the source is online. Please tell me if you know of an earlier source, or even a later one (it's interesting to see where bridge authors get their material from).

I've tried to avoid infringing copyright, according to my understanding of the law. If you think I've misused something you own, please get in touch.

I'm including all the problems from the Kelsey books, even when I'm unconvinced by the analysis. For everything else, I've used only hands where I think the recommended solution is clearly best.

Comments are welcome, by email to me.

Have fun.