TrueDeal is my bridge dealing program, designed to offer:

So far as I know, it's the only dealing program to use a one-time pad to generate its deals, making it uncrackable by design. Download Truedeal alpha 301.

This is a development version provided for testing purposes. After extracting the files (please retain the directory structure) simply run the executable, and/or read the pdf and release notes.

Please note that if you have previously installed and run TrueDeal, and choose to create a new installation for this release, you will need to edit the DLL paths in the Settings dialog in order to pick up the newly downloaded DLLs.

TrueDeal uses the following third-party libraries, in each case using a separately compiled dynamic-link library (dll).

Shireen Mohandes kindly created a instructional video. It's for an earlier version of the program, but things haven't changed very much.